Ancient Knights is an Italian Melodic and Neoclassical Power Metal Band officially formed in 2018 by two Sardinian songwriters, Andrea Atzori and Marcello “Marcel Knight” Atzori.
Unofficially the band is active since 2004, when they started to work on a Rock Italian Musical about King Arthur, an ambitious project that they had to leave early because of various problems.

On that period they met Matt “Steel” Siddi, a Sardinian singer well known for various projects, including a theatrical version of Jesus Christ Superstar and some successful Tribute Bands of Guns’ n Roses, Muse and Deep Purple, to demonstrate its great vocal versatility.

After so many years, Andrea talks to Marcello about his new idea and together they think about the realization of a Metal Opera using the songs of the Musical that could be turned into a Metal way.

They started to contact some of their favorite singers and artists to get them involved in the project, including their great friend Matt Siddi.

After listening to the songs, some artists like Goran Edman (ex-Malmsteen), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth, Wonderworld, Odyssea), Fabio Lione (Angra), Elisa C. Martin (ex-Dark Moor), Chiara Tricarico (Sound Storm), Gabriel Tuxen, Asger Nielssen, Fuhito Nakamura, Andrea Tito and Dino Fiorenza, decided to join ANCIENT KNIGHTS.

So the King Arthur Metal Opera was born.

On 2019, february, the band has posted online the first single “Secret Castle of Love” with a lyric video.

The song enjoys the presences of Goran Edman and Chiara Tricarico on vocals and is taken from the first part of the King Arthur Metal Opera called “Camelot”.

Born as an EP of 4 songs, “Camelot” turns into a full-lenght (6 songs + bonus tracks) and Ancient Knights has reached a deal with Diamonds Prod.