Diamonds Prod is very proud to announce the release of the third full lenght of RUXT. The Album, produced by guitarist Stefano Galleano, has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Steve Vawamas and Music Art of Rapallo studios with Pier Gonella.

The new album is titled ‘’Back to the Origins’’ and contains 11 songs. Here is the track list: Here and now / I will find a way / All you got / River of love / Be what you are / Train of life / Another day without your soul / Come back to life / Remember the promise you made / Tonite we dine in hell / Back to the origins. The track “Here and now” is also first single and video. Released on 2019, january.

ROCK’N’ROLL CHILDREN born in 2010, by an idea of Shadows Of Steel’s vocalist Wild Steel. Originally, the band was called  “Steel Light”,  and with first line-up,  they played some gigs around Ligurian area, in Italy.  After some months,  with supervision of Arka Hadian’s guitarist Federico Di Pane,  members of the band started to record tracks as a tribute to legendary vocalist R. J. DIO. Unfortunately on may 16th of the same year, R. J. DIO passed away, so they decided to stop recordings, as respect to his memory.

In 2014, Wild Steel restarted ROCK’N’ROLL CHILDREN with a renewed line-up, including Olaf Thorsen on guitars  (Vision Divine,  Labyrinth)  and the band was ready for  some new live gigs.  At the same time, they entered again in studio,  to complete recordings of DIO tribute tracks.  These tribute tracks have been mixed at Dead Tree Studios of guitarist Andrew Spane (Shadows Of Steel, No Man Eyes).

Track list included in the CD, and released by Diamonds Prod, is:

1 – We Rock / 2 – Neon Knights / 3 – Don’t Talk to Strangers / 4 – Holy Diver / 5 – Stand up and Shout / 6 – Sacred Heart / 7 – Heaven and Hell / 8 –  Kill the King / 9 – Rainbow in the Dark / 10 – Killing the Dragon / 11 – Long Live Rock’n’Roll / 12 –  Rock’n’Roll Children / 13 – Stars.


Wild Steel (vocals), Federico Di Pane (guitars), Patrizio Clerici (bass), Matt Peruzzi (drums), Dave Garbarino (keyboars  and lead vocals on “Rock’n’Roll Children). Special guests Roberto Tiranti (vocals), Alexa Messina (vocals), Olaf Thorsen (guitars), Andrew Spane (guitars), Francesco Molinelli (bass), Paolo Pesce (drums).

Vocals on “Stars”: Stefania Prian, Paolo Cintolesi, Karl Faraci.

Guitar solos  on “Stars”: Federico Di Pane, Andrea Rinaldi, Luca Cristiani, Jackson, Andrè La Fisìc, Stefano Galleano, Andrea Gentili, Ice reaven, Vic Mazzoni (RIP).


RUXT is a new band born in 2016 from the union of experienced musicians :
vocalist Matt Bernardi (Purplesnake), guitarists Stefano Galleano and
Andrea Raffaele (Snake,, bassist Steve Vawamas (Athlantis, Mastercastle)
and drummer Alessio Spallarossa (Sadist).
The band members decided to put together their previous experiences
and focus their energy in making a new album which would
represent their musical origins. They mix influences from bands like Gotthard, Dio, Whitesnake with a deep research of a personal sound.
Their first album has been produced by Stefano Galleano and recorded
at Music Art Studio of Pier Gonella (Rapallo, Italy).
Released end of 2016, december, by Diamonds Prod.

Then in 2017, october, the band has released a second album, titled “Running out of Time”. The line up si the same which made last year the well acclamed debut “Behind the masquerade”: Matt Bernardi (Purplesnake) on vocals, Stefano Galleano and Andrea Raffaele (Rockit, Snake) on guitars, Steve Vawamas (Athlantis, Mastercastle, Odyssea, Bellathrix) on bass and Alessio Spallarossa (Sadist, The Roommates) on drums.

Tracklist is as follows: “Running out of Time”, “Legacy”, “In the Name of Freedom”, “Everytime Everywhere” (first single and video is out, with Pier Gonella from Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Vanexa as special guest), “Scars”, “Leap in the Dark”, “Let me Out”, “My Star”, “Queen of the World”, e “Heaven or Hell”.

Finally!!! After ten long years after recordings, ATHLANTIS’ album “Metalmorphosis” has seen the light on Diamonds Prod. label. For professional reasons, the band have decided to re-record again the entire album, with modern and fresh sound, and with a new line-up.

“Metalmorphosis” was originally recorded in 2007, to be released in a short time. Unfortunately, it never came out, so the mastermind behind ATHLANTIS, bass player Steve Vawamas (Mastercastle, Ruxt, Bellathrix, Odyssea, ex-Shadows of Steel) entered Nadir Studio again, to re-record the album entirely.

“New” album line-up consists of Steve Vawamas, with Tommy Talamanca (Sadist) on guitars and keyboards, Alessandro Bissa (A Perfect Day, Ex-Labyrinth, ex-Vision Divine) on drums, and Alessio Calandriello on vocals (Lucid Dream, La Coscienza di Zeno, and already vocalist on previous album “Chapter IV”). Various special guests took part to the recordings, such as Trevor from Sadist (on the track “Nightmare”) and Roberto Tiranti (performing cover from Bee Gees titled “Tragedy”). A special mention also to Stefano Galleano, guitarist of band Ruxt.

“Metalmorphosis” contains nine tracks: 1 – Delian’s Fool / 2 – Battle of Mind  / 3 – Wasted Love / 4 – Nightmare  / 5 – Devil’s Temptation / 6 – Angel of Desire  / 7 – No Fear to Die / 8 – Resurrection  / 9 – Tragedy (Bee Gees cover).


!!!DIAMONDS PROD news!!!:

Diamonds Prod. is proud to introduce you the comeback after about ten years of heavy power metal band ODYSSEA from Italy.

The band features guitarist Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Vanexa, ex Labyrinth), and vocalist Roberto Tiranti (Wonderworld, ex Labyrinth).

The new album is titled “Storm”, it contains twelve tracks and comes in digipack format. Release date 2015, 21st december.

Recorded at Musicart Studios in Rapallo, Italy.

The line up which has released the follow up of debut album “Tears in floods” consists of various special guests of metal scene from Italy, and outside…

Special guests lists (in alphabetical order:

Andrea Ge, drums (Queenmania).
Alessandro Bissa, drums (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Soundstorm, APD).
Alessandro Del Vecchio, vocals (Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Revolution Saints, Silent Force, Eleventh Hour etc).
Alessio Spallarossa, drums (Sadist).
Alex De Rosso, guitars (Dokken,Reb Beach (whitesnake), George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Steve Lukater (Toto) etc.
Andrea De Paoli , keyboards (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Chaos Venture)
Anna Portalupi, bass (Custodie Cautelari, Hardline, Tarja Turunen).
Carlo Faraci, vocals (Odyssea, Arca Hadian).
Christo Machete, drums (Odyssea, Killerslodge, Molosso, Raza de Odio, Cadaveria).
Davide Dell’Orto, vocals (Drakkar).
Dick Laurent, guitars (Cadaveria).
Emilio Ranzoni, guitars (The Beatzone).
Francesco La Rosa, drums (Extrema, MPire of Evil, Meganoidi, Mastercastle…).
Gandolfo Ferro, vocals (Heimdall, The Opera).
Giorgia Gueglio, vocals (Mastercastle).
Giulio Belzer, bass, vocals (Belzer, The Beatzone).
Mattia Stancioiu, drums (ex Labyrinth, Magnificat, Crown Of Autumn).
Mistheria, keyboards (Bruce Dickinson, RoyZ, Rob Rock, Artlantica, Vivaldi Metal Project).
Oscar Morchio, bass (Sunzhiyi’s revenge).
Peso, drums (Necrodeath).
Simone Mularoni, guitars (DGM).
Steve Vawamas, bass (Mastercastle, Athlantis, Shadows Of Steel).
WildSteel , vocals (Shadows of Steel).


Diamonds Prod announces to have signed a deal with NO MAN EYES, heavy metal band from Genoa, Italy for the release of second album titled “Cosmogony”.

The album will be out in 2016, February and will contain eleven tracks.

NO MAN EYES consists of Fabio Carmotti (vocals), Andrew Spane (guitars), Alessandro Asborno (bass) and Michele Pintus (drums).

Cover artwork (find as attachment) and track list revealed:

Lord  / Dreamsland / Huracan / Bound to doom / Spiders / Blossoms of creation / All the fears / How come / The death you need / Cosmogony / Children of war.

Before “Cosmogony” release, will be out first single and video for track “Bound to doom”.

Watch for upcoming news and in the meantime, you can follow NO MAN EYES and Diamonds Prod through official sites and facebook pages.

Diamonds Prod