ODYSSEA formed in 2004 by guitarist Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, Mastercastle, Vanexa, ex-Labyrinth) with the idea to create a band into speed metal, with    neo-classical influences in their compositions.

After the well acclaimed debut album “Tears in floods” released in 2004, Pier wrote tracks to complete a new album, with Roberto Tiranti (Wonderworld,      ex-Labyrinth) on vocals.

Then the project was temporarily stopped due to many commitments for both Gonella and Tiranti with their bands Necrodeath, Mastercastle and Labyrinth.

About ten years after… here we are in 2015. It’s time to complete the new tracks, for the follow-up of “Tears in floods”, with the experience of about ten years of albums, recordings and concerts worldwide for Pier Gonella and Roberto Tiranti.

New ODYSSEA 2015 line-up has been completed by special guests from metal scene.

Andrea Ge, drums (Queenmania).
Alessandro Bissa, drums (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Soundstorm, APD).
Alessandro Del Vecchio, vocals (Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Revolution Saints, Silent Force, Eleventh Hour etc).
Alessio Spallarossa, drums (Sadist).
Alex De Rosso, guitars (Dokken,Reb Beach (whitesnake), George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Steve Lukater (Toto) etc.
Andrea De Paoli , keyboards (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Chaos Venture)
Anna Portalupi, bass (Custodie Cautelari, Hardline, Tarja Turunen).
Carlo Faraci, vocals (Odyssea, Arca Hadian).
Christo Machete, drums (Odyssea, Killerslodge, Molosso, Raza de Odio, Cadaveria).
Davide Dell’Orto, vocals (Drakkar).
Dick Laurent, guitars (Cadaveria).
Emilio Ranzoni, guitars (The Beatzone).
Francesco La Rosa, drums (Extrema, MPire of Evil, Meganoidi, Mastercastle…).
Gandolfo Ferro, vocals (Heimdall, The Opera).
Giorgia Gueglio, vocals (Mastercastle).
Giulio Belzer, bass, vocals (Belzer, The Beatzone).
Mattia Stancioiu, drums (ex Labyrinth, Magnificat, Crown Of Autumn).
Mistheria, keyboards (Bruce Dickinson, RoyZ, Rob Rock, Artlantica, Vivaldi Metal Project).
Oscar Morchio, bass (Sunzhiyi’s revenge).
Peso, drums (Necrodeath).
Simone Mularoni, guitars (DGM).
Steve Vawamas, bass (Mastercastle, Athlantis, Shadows Of Steel).
WildSteel , vocals (Shadows of Steel).

find ODYSSEA’s official facebook page at the following link. enjoy!