POWERDRIVE formed in 2013. First line-up composedsome tracks, to propose on stage with some covers. But after a short time, the band split-up.

So they reformed at the end of 2015 with a renewed line-up. And this time the intention of the guys was to make new tracks and working to a full-lenght album.

POWERDRIVE’s style is hard’n’heavy with various influences. We can listen to certain sound in the vein of AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Motorhead.

Then after a strong rehearsing, and some live gigs around Ligurian
area, in early 2018 POWERDRIVE were ready to enter a studio. So they spent some time at Blackwave Studios in Genoa (Italy).

The final result is their debut CD called “Rusty Metal”. It contains ten tracks of hard’n’heavy metal.

Released by Diamonds Prod, with promotion by Diamonds Prod and Nadir Promotion.