ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CHILDREN (a tribute to Ronnie James DIO) – 2018 CD

ROCK’N’ROLL CHILDREN born in 2010, by an idea of Shadows Of Steel’s vocalist Wild Steel. Originally, the band was called  “Steel Light”,  and with first line-up,  they played some gigs around Ligurian area, in Italy.  After some months,  with supervision of Arka Hadian’s guitarist Federico Di Pane,  members of the band started to record tracks as a tribute to legendary vocalist R. J. DIO. Unfortunately on may 16th of the same year, R. J. DIO passed away, so they decided to stop recordings, as respect to his memory.

In 2014, Wild Steel restarted ROCK’N’ROLL CHILDREN with a renewed line-up, including Olaf Thorsen on guitars  (Vision Divine,  Labyrinth)  and the band was ready for  some new live gigs.  At the same time, they entered again in studio,  to complete recordings of DIO tribute tracks.  These tribute tracks have been mixed at Dead Tree Studios of guitarist Andrew Spane (Shadows Of Steel, No Man Eyes).

Track list included in the CD, and released by Diamonds Prod, is:

1 – We Rock / 2 – Neon Knights / 3 – Don’t Talk to Strangers / 4 – Holy Diver / 5 – Stand up and Shout / 6 – Sacred Heart / 7 – Heaven and Hell / 8 –  Kill the King / 9 – Rainbow in the Dark / 10 – Killing the Dragon / 11 – Long Live Rock’n’Roll / 12 –  Rock’n’Roll Children / 13 – Stars.


Wild Steel (vocals), Federico Di Pane (guitars), Patrizio Clerici (bass), Matt Peruzzi (drums), Dave Garbarino (keyboars  and lead vocals on “Rock’n’Roll Children). Special guests Roberto Tiranti (vocals), Alexa Messina (vocals), Olaf Thorsen (guitars), Andrew Spane (guitars), Francesco Molinelli (bass), Paolo Pesce (drums).

Vocals on “Stars”: Stefania Prian, Paolo Cintolesi, Karl Faraci.

Guitar solos  on “Stars”: Federico Di Pane, Andrea Rinaldi, Luca Cristiani, Jackson, Andrè La Fisìc, Stefano Galleano, Andrea Gentili, Ice reaven, Vic Mazzoni (RIP).

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